Weird facts about mobs in Minecraft


Weird facts about mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft's mob collection, both hostile and passive has grown significantly since its release. There are many more in the pipeline.

Although Minecraft mobs are very similar, there can be subtle differences between mobs. Every entity in Minecraft retains its own scripted behavior. It interacts with its environment according to the parameters set by Mojang.

This can reveal interesting details about mobs that players might not know. It's worth learning more about mobs than just a few.

7) The original creeper texture consisted of a mixture of pig and leaf textures

The original creeper's green texture was not what it was when it was created and tested in Minecraft. The original creeper texture was a combination of leaf block textures and a stretched version pig mobs' textures that were tinted green.

This appearance was quite different from the creeper look that players are familiar with. There are mods that can restore the creeper to its original texture. However, players who were used to the current creeper look might find it disconcerting.

6) THX XAPHOBIA on zombie pigman textures

The original textures of the zombie pigmen, now known as zombified piglins, were created by Xaphobia. The texture update (Java Edition 1.14 & Bedrock Edition 1.10) was not available. However, the zombie pigman had a hidden shoutout in its texture.

Two areas of the texture are left unfinished and can be found with small text that says “THX XAPHOBIA”, as a gesture of appreciation for the artist's efforts.

5) Dinnerbones and Grumm

Minecraft: Java Edition has a new update that allows players to use nametags to create a unique effect. Name a mob “Dinnerbone”, or “Grumm” and it will flip upside-down. This is possible for players as well, by using the “show cape” option in their skin settings.

You can also do it in Bedrock Edition if you have a local account instead of an online one. Even players can be turned upside down by naming their local accounts the same names.

4) Jeb_ rainbow sheep

A fun nametag trick that Minecraft offers is the ability to transform sheep into rainbow-shifting sheep. The sheep will instantly become a rainbow sheep if you give it the name “jeb_” via nametag or commands.

Instead of having one color, these sheep can change their colors through a wide range of options. A rainbow sheep will shed its wool block, which will be the same color as it was before becoming a rainbow.

3) Johnny the Illager/Zoglin

Mojang's developers were apparently fans of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. They used a line from that film to create an intriguing Easter egg.

Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, who tries to kill his son and wife during the film's third act. He breaks down a door with an axe and shouts, “Here's Johnny!” Before he entered the bathroom, he used an axe to smash down a door. Nicholson ad-libbed the line and it was apparently a reference to the Johnny Carson Show.

Minecraft players can name a zoglin or illager with the name Johnny and the mob will attack all nearby except its kind and ghasts. Just like Jack Torrance, Illagers can also use an axe.

2) Villagers grieve their losses

While Minecraft villager may not seem to be bothered by the events around them, they actually mourn the loss of their villagers and other horrible events.

Villagers will go into mourning mode if a villager is hurt or killed, and it lasts for 60 seconds. The villager will become too sad to go into love mode or breed during this period. This doesn't usually cause conflict with breeding villages, but players need to be aware if they are considering killing or destroying villagers.

1) Blue axolotls were based on the Pokemon Mudkip

Axolotls have been a popular mob addition to Minecraft. But, there is a fascinating fact about the blue versions. Blue axolotls, unlike the other axolotl colours, are based on a real life version. Thanks to the suggestion of DarkIceFlame on Reddit, blue axolotls have been included as a Nintendo-specific reference.

Super Smash Bros. was incorporating Minecraft. DarkIceFlame recommended that Ultimate be made blue axolotls to reference the Pokemon Mudkip.

Mudkip also uses axolotls. After much buzz on Reddit, as well as from the Minecraft community blue axolotls were added. The resemblance between the two is obvious if players stack them next to Mudkip's color scheme from the Pokemon games.