Top 5 origins in Minecraft


Top 5 origins in Minecraft

Apace100 released Origins in 2020, a well-known mod. After being used in the Origins SMP server where many Minecraft streamers play together, it gained a lot attention.

This mod is unique because it allows players to choose a specific origin based upon certain creatures or phenomena in Minecraft. Depending on the origin, they can have different power-ups or weaknesses.

You have 15 options to choose from. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. These are the most popular and fun origins in Origins mod.

5) Shulk

The powerful race of Shulks is a descendant of the Shulkers from Minecraft's End Cities. Their skin, even without armor, acts as an effective shell against attacks and can be retained after death.

They can't use a shield or have large appetites.

4) Phantom

The Origins mod's Phantom origin is a ghost-like creature that sprung from the phantoms. When in Phantom mode, they can become completely invisible and walk through walls.

They are also ghosts and can't withstand sunlight.

3) Enderian

The mysterious creature Enderman is the source of the Enderian. Enderman is a mysterious creature that can send Enderians teleporting anywhere they want by tossing endless amounts of ender pearls, without causing any damage.

They can also use their long arms to fight or mine from afar.

2) Starborne

Starborns don't necessarily come from creatures, but they are created from stars. They are a super-powerful race that has the power of stars.

They can shoot star beams and drop stars as fireworks when they attack their enemies.

Their only weakness is in the day. When stars aren't present, their speed drops and they must use their star power. They can also die if they are not careful.

1) Elytrian

The Elytra is the ultimate loot item in Minecraft. What if players could have the Elytra from the beginning and for all time?

Origins mod gives users the ability to create an Elytrian origin and have the special ability of shooting them into the sky. They can fly as far as they want without draining their Elytra.

They will suffer more damage if they collide with walls or in areas with low ceilings like caves.