Clear command tutorial for Minecraft


Clear command tutorial for Minecraft

Commands are extremely helpful for Minecraft players. Some activities and ventures can take too long, while some items can take a lot of time to craft or enchant (in case it's armor and weapons). The game can be made simpler by using commands, which can improve the overall gaming experience, especially for those who have played the game several times.

Clear commands remove items from the inventories of players, even items that are being dragged. This is a great way of getting rid of unwanted items, without the need to search for a lava pit or store them. This is how it works.

How to use the clear command in Minecraft Bedrock

Commands can be entered into chat in Bedrock Edition as well as in any other Minecraft version. The command is sent after the backslash key has been pressed. It will be visible to the other players in a multiplayer world.

Also, commands are not always active in all Minecraft worlds. This will disable achievements but can be enabled for any world. This can be done in world settings, and can be done either before or after the world generation.

The syntax for clear commands in Bedrock Edition is “/clear[player] [itemName][data] [maxCount]. These tags are for the following:

This command is to ensure that players don't accidentally clear their inventory.