Bottle of enchanting


Bottle of enchanting

Minecraft's most valuable resource is XP. This currency is earned organically by killing mobs or players, making trades with villages and disenchanting items. It is used to enchant items which is crucial for progressing in the game.

Another way to get XP is through Bottles o' Enchanting, but it is a little more difficult. Bottles of Enchanting offer players a free way to get XP. This is the complete guide to that item in Minecraft.

You can get a Bottle o'Enchanting in several ways. Once the item is acquired, players can either throw it at other players or collect the XP. If they wish to give the XP, they can throw it at other players as a splash potion.

There are only four methods to obtain Bottles o' Enchanting in Bedrock Edition. This number drops to three for Java Edition players. The cleric villager will offer one Bottle O' Enchanting to three emeralds for their level five (or master) trade.

This is a 100% chance. Master level clerics can't trade anything else. Minecraft players can set up a brewing station near an unemployed villager to obtain a cleric. It will take that job unless it is a nitwit.

Other ways to acquire it are through in-game loot. It can be found in the Pillager Outpost, or at a shipwreck for Java Edition. It can be found at the Pillager Outpost with a 60% chance and in the shipwreck with a 14.1% chance.

It can also spawn in a Pillager Outpost, a Shipwreck or both for Bedrock Edition. The percentages are the same for each. The additional benefit for Bedrock Edition players is an 11.8% chance it will spawn treasure. A map can also be found in a shipwreck.

Bottles of Enchanting drop 3-11 XP when thrown. This makes a greater impact on the player's initial level.