Best raiding Minecraft servers


Best raiding Minecraft servers

There are many Minecraft servers to choose from. There are no Minecraft servers that are identical, but they can all be classified into certain genres.

The most common type of Minecraft server is those that provide raiding capabilities. These servers allow players to build large bases and protect them with various base protection systems.

Raiding is usually done in groups or “factions”, using items such as TNT cannons to enter the base.

Minecraft: 5 best servers for raiding

The following list contains 5 top choices for Minecraft servers that allow you to play with raiding.

1) Purple Ore

IP Address:

Purple Ore is the first server, which allows players to compete in a large environment.

This server allows players to PvP, gather resources, build bases and form clans. They can also raid one another. This server is extremely popular with almost 2,000 players during peak hours and a friendly discord community that has over 50,000 members.

Purple Ore is the best choice for anyone looking to host a Minecraft server that features great raiding and PvP gaming.

2) Viper MC

IP Address:

Viper MC is one of the most prominent Minecraft PvP servers. There are many PvP-focused gamemodes available.

HCF (Hardcore Factions) is one of the most popular Viper MC gamemodes. This gamemode focuses heavily on raiding and the mechanics of raiding. This server does not have TNT raiding mechanics. Instead, players can “raidable”, if they have lost enough faction strength through dying too often.

This server is heavily focused on PvP and not much on TNT raiding. Viper MC is a great choice for anyone who is proficient in Minecraft PvP.

The Archon

IP address:

With thousands of players logging in daily, the Archon server is one of the most popular Minecraft factions servers. The server's gameplay is heavily focused upon raiding using TNT mechanics.

This server has been in existence for more than 7 years. This server is a giant in the Minecraft multiplayer scene and has featured appearances by some of the most prominent Minecraft YouTubers.

This server also offers real-life cash payouts for top-performing factions. These payouts can reach as high as $1,000 in real money.

4) 2b2t

IP Address:

The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft is well-known for its griefing, raiding and general pillaging.

There are no rules for 2b2t. Minecrafters know this well. This means that raiding is allowed and players can use hacked clients as aid in raiding.

This server is not for beginners, but is more suited to long-time Minecrafters.

5) Mox Mox MC

IP Address:

According to, Mox MC is the best Minecraft raiding server.

This Minecraft server allows players to play a variety of gamemodes including factions. These were created with raiding mechanics as a primary focus.

This server features a lot of classic faction raiding, using TNT cannons as primary tools and creeper eggs for the rest. The server also has a practice raiding server where players can make practice TNT cannons to prepare for their next raid.